The club was founded in 1999 with the intention of providing a meeting place for folk interested in old machinery of all types, and the preservation of bygone skills. It meets in Enniscoe Heritage Centre on the second Tuesday of each month. Virtually every type of motor vehicle is represented, from motorcycles to lorries. There is plenty of agricultural equipment, from small stationary engines to threshing machines, and of course any amount of tractors. Even sundry bygones such as toy steam engines and collections of 78rpm records can be found at our annual July rally. 

Apart from providing a meeting place for vintage machinery enthusiasts, the other main function of the Club is charity fundraising. Donations have been made from the proceeds of the annual rally and other events to such diverse charities as the Mayo Rape Crisis Centre, the ISPCA, the Mayo Roscommon Hospice and the Irish Cancer Society. A Massey Ferguson 35 tractor was completely rebuilt and sent over to Nigeria at the request of the late Sr Regina Diamond, complete with implements and spare parts. It now works in the grounds of a mission – lawnmowing is more than a cosmetic exercise when snakes like to lurk in long grass! 

As our experience broadens and our membership increases, we are able to offer a greater number of activities. In 2006 we held our first vintage vehicle road run in the Windy Gap North of Castlebar, which was very well attended. We also undertook our first old machine rescue, having received reports of an unidentified machine which would be scrapped if not taken away. This turned out to be a rare barn threshing machine which has been brought to Enniscoe for eventual display. Our latest project is this web site, which presents challenges of a different nature as it neither leaks oil nor requires fixing with a Whitworth spanner!